Over The Rainbow
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These precious greyhounds and other companion dogs passed over the Rainbow Bridge, but their spirits walk with their previous human companions. Just glance down at your side every once in a while and you may feel something brush your leg.

 "If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where
they went."
-Will Rogers

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Powell - July 2021 Cissy - February 2021 Meowth-the-cat
Fall 2022
Ceebar Sunset


July 2002 to Dec. 2012


Alan Borntrager

Dec 1997 to 5 Dec 2010

Sequoia Scott Chanel



June 2000 to Sept. 2012

"She loved ripping up her toys, playing tag, hide and seek, and greeting the family at the door with her jumps. We all miss her a lot and she made our lives so very special."

The Scott Family

Samson Macias

Aug 2001 to 21 Sep 2010

Chanel Wederstrandt

16 Feb 2001 to Jan 2012

"Little Angel"

Until we meet again......

Psalm 36:6

Nancy and John Wederstrandt

Lydia, aka Annie and "Moose"


Laurie, aka Sasha


Angelica, aka Maya




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